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The Vexed Bottom Meat Deluxe is the 3rd version of the Bottom Meat concept since it’s original design in 2014 on a day drifting the Indian Ocean. Vexed created this concept which is the first Hybrid Jig/bait system of its kind in the world. We designed this for filthy baito’s wanting to gently thumb themselves into the world of artificial. This concept is the perfect way to drop baits deep with thinner PE and lighter, more modern slow pitch outfits. Bottom Meat Deluxe is fitted with super sharp hooks, Japanese assist cord and stainless rings. It now also has a Vexed super stretchy, high intensity glowing scented Occy Head Skirt with a burst of UV flash that can be sniffed and seen by feeding fish from lumps away. This has so much more appeal than a standard old school sinker rig and will catch more fish.

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