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Mushroom, stand up style jighead designed for fishing the deadly Ned Rig System.

TT NedlockZ jigheads were developed for the popular US Midwest Finesse technique known as the Ned Rig System, whereby a mushroom-shaped head creates a stand up presentation when fished with ZMan's 10X Tough, naturally buoyant, ElaZtech plastics.

Upon release in the US, we received an influx of requests from Australian anglers chasing everything from bream and bass, to flathead, grunter, yellowbelly and more, wanting access to the NedlockZ jighead for fishing their home waters. And so, a jighead designed for a niche US technique has now found its way into the mouths of many Aussie species, through innovative anglers applying the principles of the Ned Rig System.

When rigged on a NedlockZ jighead, a naturally buoyant ZMan plastic can be hopped, twitched, shaken, and dragged, while always working for the angler, either fleeing or rapidly standing up in a defensive or feeding pose, attracting fish and triggering strikes.

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