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Designed for aggressive surface feeding predators, the Ocea Bomb Dip FLASH BOOST is a powerful popper designed for both inshore and offshore fishing. Features exclusive JET BOOST and FLASH BOOST technology for increased performance.
When aggressive fish like tuna and GT are feeding near the surface, few lures beat a popper for action and the Ocea Bomb Dip is no exception. From your very first cast you’ll notice how the JET BOOST technology powers the lure through the air; reaching distances you thought weren’t achievable, which is useful when tuna are pack feeding away from your boat. And when retrieved the ‘pop’ is loud and aggressive drawing fish in and up like few other lures. But there is more to this lure than just the sound. The FLASH BOOST technology creates light reflection within the translucent body, even when stationary, to enable predators to home in on the lure with speed and aggression.

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