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It’s no secret that swimbaits attract bites from big predators when other lures won’t but getting big baits into the strike zone without spooking the target can be a challenge. Shimano’s new ArmaBoost lure technology changes the game – increasing casting distance by up to 40%! The innovative Arma Boost hinge design allows the Bantam ArmaJoint to effectively fold in half on the cast, enabling unparalleled flight time, stability, and casting accuracy for a swimbait of this size. The Bantam ArmaJoint also features Shimano’s ground-breaking Flash Boost system, engineered to constantly emit a fish-attracting flash during the retrieve, even on the pause. On the outside of this lure, Scale Boost technology provides the platform for some of the most realistic lure finishes in the world.

Length 190mm
Weight 53g

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