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Pro Lure is continuously striving to push the envelope on lure design and the UltraGar is a prime example of our efforts. The UltraGar is a unique realistic garfish profile lure available in three models which can be utilized to target a range of species.

The floating model equipped with 4x BKK trebles is at home from freshwater impoundments through to saltwater systems for topwater barramundi, inshore reefs and bluewater for pelagics.

The sinking model set with 4x BKK front treble and rear single hook was designed for long casting at inshore reefs and bluewater to tackle heavy hitting pelagics. Built with full through wire construction for further piece of mind when tackling trophy fish. The UltraGar is designed for a swift walk the dog style retrieve or a twitch and pause to imitate fleeing or wounded bait and the concave lateral bodyline has the lure darting and turning with minimal rod work.

The third model in the UltraGar profile is a dedicated topwater flathead model which is tuned for slow floating allowing the lure to be twitched down under the surface to imitate a wounded and dying fish before floating to the surface, the reduced buoyancy also allowing it hang for longer subsurface before rising. The flathead model also features light gauge BKK Superslide trebles allowing for an easier hookset on the surface strikes.

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