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DB Solid is the first Daiwa jigging rod to feature a solid carbon blank design, delivering an incredibly thin yet deceivingly powerful action. DB Solid is crafted around a 24Ton solid carbon blank. Daiwa engineers then wrap the solid carbon with 30Ton graphite cloth to further strengthen the blank and give the desired action.

Designed to accommodate the growing market of slow jigging, DB Solid features three overhead and three spinning models to perfectly cater to a wide range of jig weights and styles. The parabolic bend protects the angler, allowing comfort and control even under heavy drag settings. The solid carbon blank is responsive, rebounding quickly to gain maximum action out of slow fall style jigs. Designed to be worked slow & methodically, DB Solid rods will react and recover to perfectly accompany precise reel control, assuring the angler that at the end of their line, their jig is performing exactly as intended.

Featuring Fuji Alconite guides, and Fuji reel seats, DB Solid is outfitted with quality components you can trust when the pressure is on.

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