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24CERTATE is equipped with a TOUGH DIGIGEAR made from duralumin. The rigid material is cold-forged and machine-cut to high precision to achieve the ideal tooth shape.

In addition, special surface treatment is applied to minimise damage to the gears caused by high loads. Furthermore, the 3000-5000 size reels with an XH ratio are equipped with a high-strength pinion that has a proven track record with SALTIGA.

The MONOCOQUE BODY is incredibly tough, and produces stable rotation.

By introducing MONOCOQUE (MQ) construction the internal body space has been increased to allow larger drive gear to be installed. MQ construction also allows the engine plate to replace the need for screws to stabilise the drive gear. MQ concept improves support of the internal parts and adds durability and resistance to intrusion. (AL-Aluminium)

MAGSEALED is a technology that implements a special liquid material developed originally for aerospace engineering. MAGSEALED is used to create a water and dust-resistant barrier in lieu of traditional rubber seals.

The ultimate focus of MAGSEALED was to protect the gearing inside the reel body and the bearings. Two of the key components to protect if overall performance is to be preserved.

The line roller section is often vulnerable to water, so MAGSEALED is also equipped to prolong the life of the CRBB line roller bearing.

It does not stick, works reliably and for a long time, greatly reducing line problems caused by line twisting.

(*FC models are not equipped with this feature to ensure absolute free flowing line in finesse situations.)

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