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The Biwaa Swimbass 6" is a multi-segmented swimbait comprised of 7 segments. It's constructed from solid plastics (free of Phthalates and BPA), and jointed with a mesh woven fabric. It's rated to withstand 40 pounds of break strength, but as tested in real world scenarios can withstand well over 100 pounds. The design allows the head to track straight with the body following in an ultra-realistic swimming action. By changing the retrieval speed and rhythm, you can just as easily imitate an injured baitfish. Whether you are looking for a gentle S action, or a tight wobble, the design allows for a versatile presentation to match the conditions your fishing. If you're looking for a lifelike swimbait that will fool even the most wary fish, look no further then the Biwaa Swimbass.

Size: 6"
Weight: 65g
Buoyancy: slow sinking

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