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Linked Hooks are a series/gang of fish hooks linked together on a line. Whether you are using strip bait or whole pilchards, garfish, or squid, Halco Linked Hooks are what you need to keep your bait in better condition. Three quality Mustad hooks are linked through the eyelets, making it easy to twist the hooks and straighten the body of your bait for a lifelike appearance.

Halco Linked Hooks also give bait better coverage on hooks, having three distinct hook points for a greater chance of hooking onto something like a big Mackerel, Tailor or Barracuda. The trio of Mustad hooks also act as a buffer, lessening the chance of fish teeth coming into contact with the line and reducing the chance of bite-offs.

From beginners to professional fishermen, Halco Linked Hooks are easy to use and give anglers the best chance of catching fish on bait. Make sure you have a supply of Linked Hooks by Halco in your tackle box.

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