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SENSOR SURF is a series synonymous with surf anglers throughout Australia. A long-standing part of the Daiwa Australia range, SENSOR SURF has been totally re-developed from the ground up for 2023 and now features more tech & performance than ever before.

The new series incorporates DAIWA's X45X Full Shield technology for the first time, and it is used throughout the entire length of the blank to maximise it's affect. X45X Full Shield is the use of bi-axial 45 degree oriented carbon fibre on the outer-most layers of the rod blank, this graphite is used in conjunction with both 0 and 90 degree carbon on the inner layers of the blank to specifically reduce twisting. Each carbon type is both strong & weak against forces working in each direction, by using all axis of carbon DAIWA engineers are able to create a rod blank which is responsive and very crisp, an important characteristic of surf rods when it comes to casting distance.

Outfitting the 23 SENSOR SURF is a brand-new DAIWA exclusive reel seat, a more comfortable and ergonomical reel seat design which ensures both a secure hold when in use and streamlines the rear of the rod for a slimmer feel. Fuji Alconite guides adorn the rod blank and feature a mix of traditional double-foot guides which have been reversed for the larger stripper guides to improve casting, and anti-tangle frame guides throughout the tip to eliminate tip wraps when fishing in heavy cross winds. If you're on the hunt for a premium surf rod with all the bells & whistles, look no further than the brand-new 23 SENSOR SURF range.

23 SENSOR SURF 1202MH Med.Heavy 50-100g 12'0"/366cm 7-15kg 2 Fast Surf
23 SENSOR SURF 1202H Heavy 70-120g 12'0"/366cm 10-20kg 2 Fast Surf
23 SENSOR SURF 1302M Medium 20-70g 13'0"/396cm 5-9kg 2 Fast Surf
23 SENSOR SURF 1302H Heavy 70-120g 13'0"/396cm 10-20kg 2 Fast Surf
23 SENSOR SURF 1503H Heavy 70-120g 15'0"/457cm 10-20kg 3 Fast Surf
23 SENSOR SURF 1503XH Ex Heavy 90-150g 15'0"/457cm 15-24kg 3 Fast Surf

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