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The initial trio of INFEET light-tackle rods is receiving a refresh, with a total overhaul of the range, enhancing specifications and adding new technologies along the way. The first of the range is INFEET S, the entry-point into the technique specific family and arguably the range that sees the most upgrades from the previous version.

Totally new blanks have been developed which now feature Daiwa’s Nanoplus resin technology, upgrading from HVF to HVF Nanoplus. The addition of Nanoplus is a huge step forward for the series, producing blanks that are physically lighter and stronger than the previous versions. With some models barely registering above 70 grams on the scales.

INFEET S also receives the major update of an AIRSENSOR reel seat, previously used on the flagship INFEET EX models which has further reduced the overall weight. Fuji Fazlite anti-tangle guides finish off the rods and provide great performance with either braided line or straight through fluorocarbon.


6101LFS - This model is the tight-cover specialist, designed for fishing both hard and soft lures tight against floating structure where careful presentation trumps brute force. A sensitive tip is perfect for placing precise skip casts into pontoons or boat hulls, and the fast taper is equally at home presenting subtle yet distinct movements to suspending hardbody lures. Whether you’re fishing grubs or a small minnow right against structure, think about opting for a shorter rod for an unmatched approach.

702ULFS – Re-developed from the previous range, the 702ULFS has been born from the fan-favourite 732ULFS action from the more expensive INFEET Z series. A shorter length makes this rod ideally suited to small topwater lures like the Slippery Dog 65f where the shorter length eliminates the rod tip contacting the waters surface. The other main use for this rod is as an ultra-light soft plastics setup, the softer overall action is more suited to unweighted-1/20th jighead rigged soft plastics.

702LFS – The new all-rounder of the INFEET S range, a fast-actioned do-everything model that if you could only pick one, pick this one! The fast taper is best suited to soft plastics and is best suited with weights from 1/20th – 1/8thoz. The increased sensitivity thanks to the inclusion of Nanoplus resin over the previous models

722ULRS - The 722ULRS is a keen crankbait angler's dream. Perfect for micro-crankbaits like the INFEET Kodachi and Rollin’ Crank, the 722ULRS is best suited to use in open sandy bottom flats with minimal structure. The softer UL taper will ensure the timidest hooksets are protected, and when using with straight through fluorocarbon is a pleasure to use with treble hook baits.

722LRS – Evolved from the original 702LRS with an extended length to 7’2” makes the new 722LRS a long-casting slow-taper crankbait machine. Best suited to larger profile crankbaits & hardbody lures such as INFEET Spikes and Double Clutch the extra stiffness over the 722ULRS will come in handy when throwing hardbodies amongst more gnarly structure.

752LFS – Born from the previous generation 732LFS, the new 7’5” extended version takes the fan-favourite to new heights. The extra length makes this the perfect plastics rod for deeper water or for that slightly heavier head. Best suited for 1/16 – 1/8oz jigheads, the perfect tip to impart subtle action and enough backbone to set the hook at a long distance. One of the standouts in the INFEET range and most requested action from amongst the Daiwa pro team.

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