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Special Crawler Bait for super dead-slow retrieving.

The biggest feature of Aventa Crawler is the ability to maintain its action for a long time with a super slow retrieve.

The big profile and slow action imitates a drowning animal perfectly.

Aventa Crawler is good at switching on the instinct of big Murray Cod the have strong territorial aggression, and making them attack by intimidation.

If you retrieve in same course many times, Aventa Crawler drives big Cod mad will draw a bite from the most stubborn fish.!
Aventa Crawler Features

Big Wings made by duralumin.

The wings catch water easily enabling a good action on a super slow retrieve.

The body design of Aventa Crawler keeps it in a horizontal position with its tail down whilst retrieving.

This places the rear hook deeper in the water for positive hook ups.

The improved wing design creates a louder metallic sound and excellent durability.

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