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If you are looking for a leader material for chasing larger fish and need excellent abrasion resistance but still supple enough to allow lures to swim perfectly, then FC100 is the answer. Especially popular in the saltwater for species like Barramundi and Threadfin Salmon, this leader is a great balance of abrasion resistance and suppleness.

Time and time again, FC 100 has produced the goods and is well know as a leader that anglers can trust when it counts. Available in economical 30m spools 20lb through to 100lb and 100m spools which are on a large diameter spool to reduce memory in 16lb through to 100lb.

This top of the line fluorocarbon has been designed with an emphasis on suppleness and a minimum of interference, imparting more action into your lure or jig. The Triple Resin Processing improves its smoothness, knot strength and abrasion resistance. The lighter line classes have boosted knot strength while the heavy line classes have a harder outer shell to protect against PE cutting the line.

Colour: Clear

Length: 30m, 100m

Line classes: 16lb to 100lb

Made in Japan

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