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Samaki Shock Leader Hard type is a premium Japanese leader make from shock absorbing nylon copolymers. A uniquely blended formula makes this leader up to 20X more abrasion resistant whilst still maintaining its kink resistant properties and strength against reef, rock and fish. Designed for jigging, popping, trolling, live baiting and general bait fishing

Ultra Clear
Super Abrasion Resistant
High knot and Crimp Strength
Manufactured for Japanese Copolymers
Made in Japan

Samaki Shock Leader Supple Type is a premium Japanese leader made from shock absorbing nylon copolymers, designed to be extremely supple whilst still maintaining its abrasion and kink resistant properties. Samaki Shock leader is shock absorbing yet has the ability to create great knot strength whilst still maintaining controlled stretch. A slow sinking, ultra clear leader perfect for top water surface lures, trolling, popping, jigging, live baiting and general purpose bait fishing.

Shock Absorbing
Supple and Sensitive
High Abrasion Resistance
Great knot Strength
Ultra Clear
Low Diameter

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