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Rovex Powerspin Baitfeeder reels set a new benchmark for the perfect balance between performance, style and value. This series of spinning reels blends an impressive set of features into a modern body shape with sophisticated silver, gold and grey-blue finishes. The outcome is an eye-catching, high-performance reel that looks great on any rod.

Powerspin Baitfeeder reels feature a braid-ready aluminium spool, a thick line-friendly bail wire, 3 ball bearings, an infinite anti-reverse clutch bearing, a high-strength graphite body and rotor and a stainless steel main shaft. The machined CNC handle and EVA handle knob add yet another element of sophistication and deliver an effortless cranking action.

These baitfeeder models feature a dual drag system that is ideal for bait and live-bait fishing techniques. Simply set the rear drag on a light setting to feed the bait to the fish and then crank the handle to engage the main drag, set the hook and let the battle begin.
Feature List

3 Ball bearings
Dual drag system
Infinite anti-reverse bearing
CNC handle
EVA handle knob
Braid-ready aluminium spool
Strong graphite body and rotor
Stainless steel main shaft

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