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The SALTIGA Dive Star was developed in Japan over a two year span of design, prototyping and testing.

The rigorous testing has resulted in a lure that will fly through the air effortlessly and also pull through the water with the same effortless style. The ease of swimming makes the lure stable in all different water conditions.
Featuring an enticing ‘S’ style swimming motion the Dive Star floating stickbait creates and incredle amount of flash thanks to the addition of ADEL hologram finish which mimics the reflective underside of a baitfish. Effectice with long sweeps, short stabs or a fast burn across the surface the SALTIGA Dive Star is deadly on pelagic species such as Kingfish, Spanish Mackerel, Tuna and GT’s. When fished slow along the reef edge/flats it will also draw up big reef fish such as coral trout, jobfish and emperors.

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