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Spincasting reels are a hybrid between baitcasting reels and spinning reels. They are perfect for young children or people new to the sport of fishing. Their simple unique construction and usability that makes them easier to use.

GC reels feature a durable metal construction with an oscillating spool for precise level-winding and one of our smoothest spincast drags ever. GC's spool oscillates during retrieve for even line winding. So line doesn't dig into itself under pressure of a large fish and flows freely on outcast. For line management, the virtually cut-proof Tungsten Carbide pin line pickup turns with the line for easier winding and less wear to line and roller.

When you do hook up to your first fish, one of the smoothest drags ever put into a spincast reel will help you land that fish of a lifetime. Its micro-fine adjustment lets you dial in the perfect setting to prevent the sudden surge of a large fish breaking your line.

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