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The Crank Bait PE 2-4 is widely considered as the most versatile rod in the Crank Bait range. With the ability to cast smaller lures all the way up to lures of about 60g, the PE 2-4 is a staple for many cod and barra anglers. Rated for lines between 20-40lb, this versatile rod is equally at home delivering 75mm hardbodies to snags for barra and jacks as it is fishing 200mm surface lures for cod - and it has the grunt to tame any fish hooked.

Getting up into the big boys toys, the Crank Bait PE 3-5 is a true brute of a rod. Rated for lines between 30-50lb, the PE 3-5 has the stopping power to make any hook-up a successful hook-up. Retaining the parabolic action of the lighter Crank Bait, the PE 3-5 is the rod to use when big fish eating big lures is on the cards. This rod will cast lures up to 90g in weight (about 3oz) and not tire out the user.

The Crank Bait PE 3-6 is a real weapon of a rod. Able to cast weights up to 130g, this rod still has the sensitivity to feel the tail of a plastic swimbait pulsing as it's retrieved. But its real strength is when Mr Big comes along and crunches that big lure. Power to control the fish, an action to leave the hooks in place and a weight that means you barely know you're using the rod all mean this is one of the big fish weapons in the range.

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